• Lyssna.

  • The Perspective: 20170525


Trying to understand what needs to be done to alter the world order, this week’s live show is focused on what actors at different levels can to do create change. Hear an interview with the director of the documentary “The Borneo Case” and one of the activists that the film follows, a segment introducing the concept of the 30 hour work week and a discussion revolving around what grassroots can do to reach the system level and how our societal structures would become different with 10 hour less work per week.

Reporters: Alex Widrat, Lena Rubelmann
Discussion participants: Lena Rubelmann, Sebastian Enhager
Host: Rickard Allreke Wählhmmar
Technician: Alex Widrat
Producers: Anna Svedérus, Ebba Bergström