• Lyssna.

  • The Perspective: 20170427


Development towards a better society means introducing and implementing laws regarding human rights and equality, but what happens when countries stop before the implementation? This week we look at two countries who have progressive laws but where the reality doesn’t always live up to them. Hear interviews with Trina Binaku who works for the NGO Youth Initiative for Human Rights in Kosovo and Ayshanie Labé at the UNDP in Rabat about the issues they are facing when it comes to implementation. In the studio we discuss why defining development as progressive legislation might be problematic and why these laws are important nonetheless.

Host: Rickard Allrecke Wählhammar
Reporters: Santana Briggs, Rickard Allrecke Wählhammar, Anna Svederus, Ebba Bergström
Technician: Ebba Bergström
Producer: Ebba Bergström